Are you Right- or Left-brained? Either way, we want YOU!

SIRG is reaching out to both our creative fan base AND our smarty-pants friends!

We are running an art contest - the first in a looooong time! - and welcome submissions. The winning design will be featured on a t-shirt we'll be promoting just in time for the holidays! =)


Here are the crucial details*:

The image size should be 17.5"x19" and file size limit is 5MB saved as either JPEG (.jpg) or Adobe Photoshop (.psd) image only. Guess what! Unlimited colors!! Embrace your inner Lisa Frank - or don't, totes up to you.

We aren't focusing on any particular theme, so let your creativity run wild! Show us what inspires you about roller derby in Southern Illinois. =)


DEADLINE to email your submission to eartha(dot)kick(at)gmail(dot)com is Tuesday, November 4th. Yeah, that's right - Election Day! But even after the polling booths close, you'll still have time to submit, until midnight Central time to be exact.


The winning designer will get a free SIRG 2015 season pass and a free t-shirt! Runners-up will each get one free ticket, good for use at any SIRG 2015 home game or even our Dec. 6, 2014 season-ender which is going to be a blast! The winning and runner-up images will also be featured on our website with a credit (& weblink, if applicable) to the artist.


"Well, what's the selection process?" I just know you are dying with an...tici...pation!

That's where the smart folks enter into the picture.


SIRG will reveal the top artistic submissions at our November 8 Trivia Night, taking place at Brehm School in Carbondale. Those attending our trivia night will be the first to view the designs, and every person will get one free vote - with opportunity to purchase more. ;-)

So in addition to all the fun and shenanigans always in store at our Trivia Night, this ‘early voting’ is one more incentive to come join us that night. Start assembling your trivia team and reserve a table asap – space is limited! Btw it’s BYOB, so while you’re deciding table decorations also make a shopping list for snacks and drinks. More details on Trivia Night can be found on the flyer at our website & also facebook.


After trivia night, we will also utilize social media for some additional remote voting for the t-shirt contest (Nov. 10-20) so we can include the participation of as many as possible! The winning artist and design will be announced after Thanksgiving.


So there you have it, SIRG nation! We’re offering up outlets for your creative fervor AND all that dusty accumulated trivia knowledge. We look forward to seeing what you’ve got! Please remember to email art submissions and trivia table RSVP to me!


*more specific details for the art contest are in the Submissions Requirement document

Posted on October 27, 2014 .