Become a part of our team - as a roller girl, referee, stats, or whatever you can do to help out SIRG!  We want you!  No skating experience is required - we will train you.  For a break down on the positions you can hold in derby, visit Derby Helper: Skaters vs Referees vs NSOs vs Stat Geeks - The ultimate showdown.  

We practice where we play at The Pavilion of the City of Marion.


We take fresh meat (newbies) in classes from time to time when we hold recruitment camps and informational meetings.  These are targeted toward people who have some experience in skating and need to learn the basics.  Keep an eye out on our page for when we take in a new class of fresh meat in!  Or keep in touch by following us on Facebook, or Twitter!


Regular practices are held at The Pavilion (behind Illinois Centre mall).  Only participating members and new skaters can attend regular practices. 

Participating team members pay membership dues to help cover our cost of rental, fees, and equipment.  If you're new and thinking about joining, your first 3 practices are free.  We have some loaner league equipment, but they are on first come, first serve basis. 


To roll with us you must be female and at least 19 years of age.
We teach you how to skate, build up endurance, learn the rules, and acquire new skills for roller derby - we ask for your commitment!  You will fall down.  A lot.  You will feel hurt and sore from our practice and exercises.  You will do this twice a week.  But you will LOVE it. 

We're also involved with our community!  We volunteer our time for non-profit events and give to charity out of proceeds from the bouts we play.  Lend a helping hand with your fellow roller girls!


Referees can be either gender and at least 19 years old.  We can teach you to skate, but you must be self-motivated to learn the rules.  Join us and send girls to the penalty box!


We always need non-skating help for our bouts!  We need a set up crew, security, medical technicians, and stats!  Please donate your mad skills and time to our team!  

Email the Dread Pirate Robyn for any questions you might have or Contact Us!