Skaters make up the bulk of the league and come from all walks of life. SIRG has students, mothers, nurses, lawyers, managers, guidance counselors, and photographers just to name a few. They give it 100% on the track and off the track in everything the do. Along with playing the game and practicing they also do numerous jobs through out the league and within the community. SIRG follows the "skater owned and skater operated" ideals. Two days a week the team has skating practice but also puts in outside hours working on conditioning and strength training.  Skaters are inherently busy but the sport offers a reward great enough that even with a busy schedule they find time to make it work. SIRG is a very tight knit group of people who treat each other like family and help one another whenever possible. Not only do you get to play an amazing sport full of inspiring women but you also gain a family along the way. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of one of the fastest growing women's sports around the world check out the Join page.   




2018 Roster

Skaters who are currently on a leave of absence: Carnage SanDiego  #117, Dixie Duke  #842