The Magic of Me-Time on the Track

Where will I find time for this? I’ll kill myself! Is it selfish of me?

Being a mother of four boys, a wife, and a full time employee barely leaves time for me. There is always something or someone that needs my attention.  I am not a spring chicken anymore. I hadn't really been skating much since I was a teenager and, even then, only skated to hang out with boys.  I am not in shape, unless you count round as a shape. I will kill myself out there on that rink. 

All of these things were going through my mind the first time that I saw these wonderful creatures skating around in circles and turning left and doing all the things at the skating rink.  As I sat there, watching, while holding my 11 month old son, I only dreamed that I could ever do that. “Oh the free time that they must have. None of them look a day over 21 or have any kids, or are married. Oh man, what a life," I thought to myself.

Then my wonderful husband strikes up conversation with these magical majestic people and low-and-behold, they are all just like me. Some have kids, some are married (or close to it), they all have jobs, and no free time. JUST LIKE ME! Now the first words outta my mouth after they tell me they play roller derby are…. “Oh I have seen Whip It, that’s so cool!” I think back on that comment and I am so embarrassed. But it didn't ruin my chances of making friends with these super cool folks - they still talked to me and then invited us to come watch them. As time went by, I Googled a lot of derby, watched a lot of YouTube and, needless to say, I was so interested, but still not really sure how I could ever be one of these majestic creatures.  But I wanted to.

So February 8th 2014, I watched my first bout and I WAS HOOKED! I could not wait to throw on some skates and be just like them! During this time the guy’s league (The Brigade of Handsome Gentlemen) was starting so I would tag along with my husband to his practice. During the first practice, I just kind of sat back in the shadows and watched, but at the second practice, I was out there with the guys. I did all my fresh meat training with the guys and learned right along with them. Becoming Marinated Meat and moving to the vet track was such an accomplishment for me. I was finally a majestic creature.

Then my first scrimmage came up and I felt like I was gonna crap my pants, puke on the track, and die all at the same time. But I did well, minus a last turn mishap (those darn ghost holes).  Getting through the first season, a winning season at that, was the most accomplished I have ever felt with myself, other than having my children. I have never been more proud of myself for being a part of something. The group of people that I have met on this journey are the most amazing, honest, and good hearted people that I think I have ever came across and I am very happy to call them all my family. I am forever indebted to the majestic creatures that took me in and made me one of their own. There is nothing that ranks higher to me than my children and my husband, but MY derby is very close!!! So even though I have four children, a husband, a full time job, and it might be selfish of me sometimes, I will derby!! 

Don’t let the little things stop you from dreaming - release your inner majestic self!

DIXIE DUKE   842 (YA77)

Posted on February 3, 2015 .